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Yugioh God Cards

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Update: May 25, 2006

Since the release of Shadows of Infinity, there are 3 new, honest to goodness, real, tournament legal Yugioh God Cards.  They are "Uria, Lord of Searing Flames", "Raviel, Lord of Phantasms", and "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder".  These, unlike the older Egyption God Cards are found in Upperdecks Yugioh products.

Below are the information for the old Egyptian God Gods:

Old Egyption God Cards

On Obelisk the Tormentor, Slyfer the Sky Dragon, and the Winged Dragon God of Ra

On the Cartoon

The "Egyptian God Cards" are the focus of the current cartoon season being shown on Saturday mornings. The 3 God Cards are being sought after by Yugi and Kaiba. Kaiba has 1, but the other 2 are held by villains and Yugi & Kaiba are trying to get them. The kids are really hyped about this storyline, so discussion of the God Cards is all the rage on the playground circuit.

In Japan

The 3 God Cards were printed in Japanese a while ago. According to Kozako, these cards are considered to be "trading cards" and not part of the actual Trading Card Game. They have no game purpose whatsoever:

Obilisk the Tormentor is a Ritual Monster without a Ritual Magic Card to summon him, so there is no way to play him. Slyfer the Sky Dragon has an ATK & DEF of "X000" with no instructions on how to determine what "X" is. Winged Dragon God of Ra has an ATK & DEF of "????" with no instructions on how to determine what the ATK/DEF are. So even if you put these cards in your deck they don't do anything.

BUT you can't put them in your deck. For one thing, they don't have the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG logo on them, because they're not part of the TCG. For this reason, Konami doesn't even bother to list them on their "banned cards" list, because they are not Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards. Also, according to Kozako, the Japanese versions of these cards say on the card that you cannot use them in tournaments.

Some people use them in casual play and make up their own rules, or follow what the cards do on the cartoon.

I have had many people claim that Konami later released official rules on how the God Cards work in the game, either in a magazine or on their web page (reports vary on details). Kozako denies this and emphasized that these cards are not allowed in official tournaments anywhere on Earth.

Kozako says there are no plans for a US release of Egyptian God cards at the moment.

But I've seen the "English Version"!

Konami (Japan) released the 3 Egyptian God Cards in English. These 3 cards are shipped with the Japanese edition of the next Game Boy Advanced game, which shipped on April 17. Only the Japanese edition is being shipped with the English Egyptian God Cards. The Konami of America version for sale in North America has 3 completely different cards (Harpie's Feather Duster, Sinister Serpent, Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior). Regardless of which language the Gods cards comes in, there are not legal in any deck, unless you want to just make up your own rules.

The God Cards in America

Naturally, ebay and even some reputable stores are selling the English versions of the Egyptian God Cards. Presumably, people are importing the Japanese version of the game, ripping out the 3 God Cards, and sticking them up for sale. The problem is that they are billing them as "American God Cards". Our standard response from gameplay has been "There is no such thing as American versions of the Egyptian God Cards. There are no plans to release the Egyptian God Cards in North America in the near future." [Editor Note: 2006, read above for the new god cards]

We will not be selling the old Egyptian God cards

TheGameshop.ca only stocks and sells 100% authentic American Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards. Therefore, we will not be selling the so called "English Version God Cards". Another word of caution please be especially aware of where you are buying these cards from. They are not backed by Upperdeck, there will be a lot of fake ones out there, no one will be monitoring them. But even the "real" ones are not considered part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG game, period.

If you do not believe us, check out Upperdeck's Official Restricted Card List.  If you still don't believe us, here's what Answer.com has to say about it.
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