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The German Spiel des Jahres is perhaps the world's most prestigious game award. Founded in 1978 by a group of German game critics to promote awareness and to increase the cultural value of games, the award recognizes outstanding games based on originality, playability, and educational value of the game idea; organization, clarity and understandability of rules; packing and layout of the gameboard and the game rules; and functionality and overall quality of the game materials included.


  • Game of the Year: Thurn & Taxis
  • Nominees: Seerauber, Aqua Romana, Just 4 Fun and Blue Moon City


  • Game of the Year: Niagra
  • Nominees: Around the World in 80 Days, Himalaya, Jambo, and Verflixxt!


  • Game of the Year: Ticket to Ride
  • Nominees: Maharaja, Ingenious, Einfach Genial, Saint Petersburg, Dicke Luft in der Gruft, Dawn Under
  • Recommended: Attika, Carcassonne: the Castle, Coda, Da Vinci Code, Coyote, Die sieben Siegel, Dos Rios, Kai Piranja, King Me!, Maya, Oasis, San Juan, Sunken City, Tom Tube, Viele Dinge, YINSH


  • Game of the Year: Alhambra (Der Palast von Alhambra)
  • Finalist: Clans, Die Dracheninsel,
  • Nominees: Amun-Re, Attribute, Balloon Cup, Coloretto, Edel, Stein & Reich, Fische Fluppen Frikadellen, Paris Paris, Richelieu, Rumis, The Werewolves of Millers Hollow(Die Werwölfe vom Düsterwald)


  • Game of the Year: Villa Paletti
  • Finalist: Puerto Rico, TransAmerica,
  • Nominees: Alles im Eimer, The Bucket King, Atlantic Star, Blokus, Der Herr der Ringe: Die Gefährten: Das Kartenspiel, Dschunke, Dvonn, Kupferkessel Co., Magellan, Pizarro & Co., San Gimignano


  • Game of the Year: Carcassonne
  • Finalist: Das Amulett, Zapp Zerapp,
  • Nominees: Babel, Capitol("Architects of the Eternal City"), Cartagena, Dragon Delta, Ebbe & Flut, The Traders of Genoa, Hexen Rennen, Land Unter, Royal Turf, San Marco


  • Game of the Year: Torres
  • Best Children's Game: Arbos
  • Finalist: Carolus Magnus, Ohne Furcht und Adel, Citadels
  • Nominees: Zèrtz, Web of Power(Kardinal & König), Vinci: The Rise and Fall of Civilizations, Taj Mahal, Port Royal, Metro, Kardinal, Frank's Zoo, La Città


  • Game of the Year: Tikal
  • Best Children's Game: Kayanak
  • Finalist: Giganten, Union Pacific
  • Nominees: El Caballero, Chinatown, Kahuna, Kontor, Mamma Mia!, Money!, Ta Yü, Verräter


  • Game of the Year: Elfenland
  • Best Children's Game: Chicken Cha Cha Cha(Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke)
  • Nominees: Basari, Caesar & Cleopatra, Canyon, David & Goliath, Through the Desert(Durch die Wüste), Tigris & Euphrates, GIPF, Die Macher, Minister, Tonga Bonga, Tycoon


  • Game of the Year: The Mississippi Queen
  • Best Children's Game: Leinen los!
  • Nominees: Bohnanza, Comeback, Dimenticato, Expedition, Terra X, Löwenherz, Manitou, Die Siedler von Catan: Das Kartenspiel, The Settlers of Catan Card Game, Showmanager, Visionary,


  • Game of the Year: El Grande
  • Best Children's Game: Vier zu mir!
  • Nominees: Ab Die Post!, Campanile, Get the Goods(Reibach & Co.), Mü & More(Mü & Mehr), Sisimizi, Speed, Top Race, Wat'n dat!?, Word-Whiz


  • Game of the Year: The Settlers of Catan
  • Best Children's Game: Karambolage
  • Nominees: Buzzle, Condottiere, Galopp Royal, La-Trel, Streetcar, Linie 1, Mole in the Hole, Die Maulwurf Company, Medici

Game of the Year Before 1994:

  • 1994 Winner: Manhattan
  • 1993 Winner: Bluff
  • 1992 Winner: Um Reifenbreite
  • 1991 Winner: Drunter & Drüber
  • 1990 Winner: Adel Verpflichtet
  • 1989 Winner: Café International
  • 1988 Winner: Barbarossa
  • 1987 Winner: Auf Achse
  • 1986 Winner: Top Secret Spies(Under Cover)
  • 1985 Winner: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
  • 1984 Winner: Dampfross
  • 1983 Winner: Scotland Yard
  • 1982 Winner: Enchanted Forest(Sagaland)
  • 1981 Winner: Domination
  • 1980 Winner: Rummikub
  • 1979 Winner: Hare & Tortoise(Hase und Igel)
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Space Beans Carcassonne Travel Carcassonne: The Discovery
List Price: CAD19.95
Our Price: CAD14.95
You Save CAD5.00!
List Price: CAD36.95
Our Price: CAD29.95
You Save CAD7.00!
List Price: CAD36.95
Our Price: CAD29.95
You Save CAD7.00!
Search for valuable beans, throughout the Universe.
Take Carcassonne wherever you go with Carcassonne Travel.
The Discovery is a new stand-alone Carcassonne game.
Puerto Rico Blokus Bohnanza
List Price: CAD42.95
Our Price: CAD38.95
You Save CAD4.00!
List Price: CAD49.95
Our Price: CAD39.95
You Save CAD10.00!
List Price: CAD26.95
Our Price: CAD19.95
You Save CAD7.00!
Can you be the most successful settler of Puerto Rico? Blockade your opponents while expanding your own territory. Bean farming was never so much fun!
Citadels Mama Mia! Niagara
List Price: CAD29.95
Our Price: CAD24.95
You Save CAD5.00!
List Price: CAD18.95
Our Price: CAD14.95
You Save CAD4.00!
List Price: CAD59.95
Our Price: CAD49.95
You Save CAD10.00!
A great game of bluffing and deduction. Make the most pizzas and win! Collect your gems before you go over the falls! 2005 winner of "Spiel des Jahres" German Board Game of the Year.
San Juan Card Game Ticket to Ride Elfenland
List Price: CAD39.95
Our Price: CAD34.95
You Save CAD5.00!
List Price: CAD61.95
Our Price: CAD49.95
You Save CAD12.00!
List Price: CAD61.95
Our Price: CAD54.95
You Save CAD7.00!
Be the most successful settler the the city of San Juan. A cross-country train adventure. A  train adventure across Europe.
Carcassonne Board Game TransAmerica The Spirits of Niagara
List Price: CAD36.95
Our Price: CAD29.95
You Save CAD7.00!
List Price: CAD44.95
Our Price: CAD34.95
You Save CAD10.00!
List Price: CAD31.95
Our Price: CAD29.95
You Save CAD2.00!
A simple, clever tile laying game that brings new challenges with every turn. A  train adventure across Europe. Niagara comes alive with the beaver and elk.  Bring on the two person canoe to gather and steal more gems. Not to mention....a whirlpool to make your trip more challenging.  More paddle cards to give you even more choices.
#3 - 15263 Yonge St. Aurora, Ont. L4G 1N5
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