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  New!  Lorwyn Booster Pack
List Price: CAD5.95
Our Price: CAD4.95
You Save CAD1.00!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: MTGLWNBK

Planeswalker!   This is important information.

-You can play a planeswalker only at the time you could play a sorcery. A planeswalker is a permanent, but not a creature.

-If two or more planeswalkers that share a subtype are in play, they're all put into their owners' graveyards as a state-based effect.

- Each planeswalker has a loyalty number printed in the lower right corner of the card.

- A planeswalker comes into play with a number of loyalty counters on it equal to its loyalty number.

- Damage dealt to a planeswalker results in that many loyalty counters being removed from it.

- Playing an ability of a planeswalker causes it to gain or lose loyalty; As a planeswalker loses loyalty, that many loyalty counters are removed from it. As a planeswalker gains loyalty, that many additional counters are put onto it.

-If a planeswalker's loyalty is 0, it's put into its owner's graveyard as a state-based effect.

-An ability of a planeswalker may be played only by that planeswalker's controller, and only any time he or she could play a sorcery--you're limited to one ability from each of your planeswalkers during your turn.

-The cost to play a planeswalker's ability is represented by an arrow with a number inside. Up-arrows contain positive numbers, such as "+3"; this means "Put three loyalty counters on this planeswalker." Down-arrows contain negative numbers, such as "-1"; this means "Remove one loyalty counter from this planeswalker." You can't play a planeswalker's ability with a negative loyalty cost unless the planeswalker has at least that many loyalty counters on it.

- However, planeswalkers can be attacked.

-As the declare attackers step begins, if the defending player controls a planeswalker, the active player declares who or what each attacking creature is attacking: the defending player or one of that player's planeswalkers. All the attacking creatures may attack the same thing, or they may attack different things. If the defending player controls multiple planeswalkers, any or all of them can be attacked during the same combat phase.

-If a creature with trample is attacking a planeswalker and is blocked, the attacker must assign lethal damage to each blocker, and may assign excess damage to the planeswalker. However, a creature with trample that's attacking a planeswalker can't "trample over" that planeswalker and assign combat damage to the defending player.

-If a planeswalker leaves play or changes controllers, it's removed from combat and stops being attacked. However, a creature that was attacking that planeswalker isn't removed from combat -- it continues to attack. It may be blocked. If it isn't blocked, it remains an attacking creature but assigns no damage during the combat damage step. If it is blocked, it will deal damage to any creature blocking it as normal. If the attacker has trample, the trample ability has no effect because there's nothing for the creature to assign excess damage to.

-If a source you control would deal noncombat damage to an opponent, you may have that source deal that damage to a planeswalker that opponent controls instead. This is a redirection effect: you choose whether to redirect the damage as the redirection effect is applied, and it's subject to the normal rules for ordering replacement effects. The player affected by the damage chooses the order in which to apply such effects, but the controller of the source of the damage chooses whether the damage is redirected. Note that this redirection can't be applied to combat damage.

- For example, although you can't target a planeswalker with Shock, you can target your opponent with Shock, and then as Shock resolves, choose to have Shock deal its 2 damage to one of your opponent's planeswalkers. If you do, two loyalty counters are removed from that planeswalker.

- You can't choose to split the damage between a player and a planeswalker. In the Shock example above, you couldn't have Shock deal 1 damage to the player and 1 damage to the planeswalker.

- If a source you control would deal damage to you, you can't have that source deal that damage to one of your planeswalkers instead.


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